designer leather jacket helen mcalinden
Black Toscana Shearling Snood
shaped toscana shearling headband in caramel spotty
gorgeous goatskin gilet
black toscana shearling scarf
toscana shearling shrug

This is the index page for the Gallery at Designerleathercraft where I will be showing pictures of some of the suede leather snakeskin and sheepskin fashions and accessories that I have made to order. I often take a picture to send in email or just for my own record so some of these pictures may not be that good. I hope you enjoy browsing the gallery and find it useful to show you the wide range of fashions and accessories available if you are happy to order. I am not able to accept orders all the time as when the order book gets to a certain level I have to close it until I catch up. Orders are also subject to availability of suitable materials.    I now have an orders update page to show the current situation.


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Toscana Sheepskin Handbag

Toscana Sheepskin Gilets

Reversible Goatskin Gilets

Shaded Sheepskin Gilet

Long Toscana Shearling Gilet

Shearling Sheepskin Coats

A Page for Pussycats

Thread Path Diagram for an Allbook Hashfield Sewing Machine



Toscana Shearling Gilet

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TS1 Tan Leather Corset Belt
Navy Blue Suede Link Belt
50mm mens python snakeskin belt
wide brown leather belt

Belt Designs from Designerleathercraft

chocolate brown toscana shearling hand muff
toscana shearling cuffs and sheepskin wrist warmers
honey toscana shearling tippet
Camel Mongolian Sheepskin Scarf
Hand Painted Python Snakeskin Bangles
leather necklaces and cuff bracelets with stones

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