Fabulous Reversible Goatskin Gilet 10 12

Goatskin Gilet Wrapped

Dark Brown Nappalan Finish

Goatskin Gilet Side

Gilet Side Hair In

Goatskin Gilet Reversed

Gilet Hairside

Goatskin Gilet Hairside

Gilet Back Hairside

Hair Side Shoulder

Gorgeous Reversible  Goatskin Gilets

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Collection of Pictures of a Single Goatskin Gilet

The goatskins are quite small and often shorter than toscana lambskins. There are limited numbers available that are suitable to make this gilet. Goatskin gilets are sometimes available to order and details of any available from stock will be found on the Shortwool Sheepskin Gilets page. Availability will be shown with the individual picture of the gilet on the gilets page. The natural edges of the goatskins sometimes have small slits in the leather side that don’t show on the hairside. These are neatly stitched by hand to preserve the natural look of the skin.

More pics of the goatskin gilets that were for sale from stock or made to order. The ones shown here are all sold now. Sometimes called Cabra Gilets. Cabra being the Spanish for Goat.

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